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  • Nissan Sunny GTi-R specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed.

    With a power-to-weight ratio of and AWD, the standard GTI-R Nissan Pulsar GTI-R (Japan). Nissan Pulsar GTI-R (Japan).

    Nissan Sunny GTI-R PS Technical Data Sheet: specifications & performance figures (max speed, acceleration, recovery, braking, lap time).

    With a power-to-weight ratio of 0. The three-door GX was unusual in receiving manual, remotely controlled from the center console, behind the parking brake rear side windows. This took the following five fwd lap records: Nissan road car timeline, European market, s—present. New Zealand specific versions included the S and SE variant.

    Nissan Pulsar GTi-R laptimes, specs, performance data - FANTACO.STORE

    I have owned mine for more than 10years so we happily married with kw of kids at the wheels. It's street legal full trim daily driver that puts down Very reliable and a great lil smirk eraser. If this does mph in Many cars that do So what you are saying is that your integra which is slower on paper and in reality than a stock pulsar smoked off a BIG turbo pulsar?

    Your integra must defy physics because a BIG turbo in our scene is a gtr good for bhp in moderate tune and even better still your integra being of the front wheel drive platform yet still weighs more than the 4wd drive pulsar?

    That is some marty Mcfly kinda shizzle guessing your flux capacitor is turned up to the max? You and the others like you are the reason Hondas have such a bad reputation the cars aren't bad in the slightest I should know as I had a dc5 integra but they are not the be all and end all of anything!

    Did you wake up with your head in a bowl of cornflakes after that "race" I bet you did , didn't you!!! A GTiR would need some work done to keep up with a evo 5 onwards. I race this chick every now and then to work. A burgundy gsr 'evo 2' shape. I think there 1. Has an exhaust ect. Very close from highway to city streets.

    Evo's are rally legends. Wish nissan put a bit more time and effort into the rally gtir. Its stock with 'factory extra' nismo shocks and rear strut brace. Have removed air-con and relocated battery to the boot. I noticed a difference with the engine and handling. Only small changes but worth it. Next up is my D2 coil overs i havnt fitted yet.

    Not trippin over myself to up the power as these little street weapons are quick as standard as all fans of the n14 know but cant wait to get 3" from the turbo front mount and little more boost. With just those simple mods you can keep up with cars that are 3 or 4 times more expensive. They really are a rally car for the road.

    The Pulsar Gti-R can beat an Evo stock to stock on the straights, even though it's a bit underpowered. We have a tune shop mate that's why. I know a dude that also has a Nissan GTIR he brags the whole day long that he is the fastes untill my brother smoked him with a Mitsubishi evolution even after that he still brags about him being the fastes the pulsar is a fast car but it's not that fast. Although its getting hard now to buy a a decent example they still represent excellent value for money in terms of both performance and potential.

    When i purchased my well used model it ran in 5. Next i upgraded the ecu to a Mines unit which was mapped to 1. Then i increased the boost to 17 psi and the car ran in 4. Since then i have put on a new 3' exhaust and turbo manifold with 40mm external wastegate,Intercooler ,and cold air box. The car has now run in 4. I cant wait to get some real engine work done when i have the engine rebuilt: Gtir's are Awesome cars.

    Way a head of technology at the time. These cars are totally underated and can run 5. I managed to run a number off 4. I was lucky to receive it with a tuned Mines motherboard in the ecu. Some GTIR's got them got them factory. These cars are dirt cheap in New Zealand though good examples are probably getting scarce.

    Nissan Pulsar GTI-R 'baby Godzilla'

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