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  • What are the BEST, LEAST EXPENSIVE TDI MODS? - TDIClub Forums
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  • Before you do any power mods, make sure your car is in good running condition and all + Jetta, Golf, and Audi A3 TDI chip tuning.

    Scott's TDI Page - Jetta TDI with over miles, nearly double the stock horsepower, and still gets over 50 mpg.

    I'm looking to make some more power for my jetta tdi (ALH). I'm putting on a 3 in turbo back and a "new" turbo. I plan on doing upgraded.

    Includes 1 External Wastegate. Performance Aluminum Intercooler Front Mount An acceptable level of smoke is highly subjective from owner to owner and even varies from model to model. If you still want injectors, kermatdi at http:

    mk4 jetta tdi upgrade : tdi

    I'm looking to make some more power for my jetta tdi ALH. I'm putting on a 3 in turbo back and a "new" turbo. If you are short on money, something I saw you state in another post, I would stick to just getting nozzles for the time being. This will give you a slight boost in HP and TQ. You will not have a bottle neck on the exhaust until you upgrade your turbo bigger , so that is not necessary at the time.

    My upgrade path started with these and a new clutch. Got the clutch then so I can get through the break in period without having all of the go fast parts. Just half of it. Then after the break in period, I got a tune. This all was installed over the course of like 3 months-ish by a professional diesel tuner near my house who uses KermaTDI.

    Numbers do not mean too much to me, I just like the feeling of being thrown back into my seat, but I was told I am pushing about HP and TQ. I would highly recommend the above for a very fun, quick car. If you are just doing nozzles, then no. Only if you do both nozzles and tune will you run into needing a new clutch. So what injectors or nozzles should I get? If you want to go further than that you should just save up for a bigger turbo too, because your going down the rabbit hole already, why not.

    Yeah, that was my first choice for my ALH.. I'm in a situation where a gearbox that can handle high torque is going to cost more than the engine swap..

    If you had already upgraded your clutch, or willing to do so also then I'd go with DLC injectors so you can go big turbo later on as time and money permit. I'm short on money and wanted a replacement. This one has way fewer miles and my current turbo, the seals have seen better days. Going back to the post, do you have a suggestion on injectors or nozzles?

    I already have the new turbo and I'm doing a head replacement because I'm losing coolant like its my job so I'm planning to do everything at once. Replace the turbo-back exhaust first with a mandrel bent 2. I've dyno tested ALH cars before and after and even with the stock turbo it's a major restriction. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Come on in and brag.

    Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Check out KermaTDI or dbwllc. How would the AT nozzles compare to say pps or pps?

    More Horsepower & Rolling Coal For $9

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