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  • How did we feel about our Volkswagen Passat TDI after miles on the road? Volkswagen Passat: New Car Review. The Volkswagen.

    Read this editor's review of the volkswagen passat - Volkswagen Passat TDI Review.

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    I would recommend this place to friends and family. The Passat TDI is the flagship Volkswagen sedan, and a big German luxury sedan lined with leather and goodies and gadgets, but without the ego, the in-your-face presence or the pretension. See the complete Gallery. Numerous packages are available for fine-tuning, and a 3.

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    Familiarity with our dearly departed long-term Passat TDI made it easy to settle in to this one. I like this combo a lot. Yeah, it's a bit dull to look at, but it's well built, there's tons of room inside materials could use a slight upgrade, but only slight , and the diesel's terrific. It only sounds diesel-like at idle, and there's enough torque to make this car great for scooting around town.

    The mpg indicator on the dash said I got 30 mpg commuting on surface streets. And there are no diesel fuel smells. Can't really complain about the way it drives, either. It just flows down the road, quiet and smooth. I've read some other reports -- not ours -- that the engine isn't mated well to this gearbox, it doesn't shift smoothly and whatnot. I did not experience that. I thought it was fine. The car drives well enough to make me wonder why no other automakers are offering diesels in the affordable midsize market.

    The more time I spent in our long-term Passat TDI, the more I realized that its strongest selling point was the diesel engine. I'm not going to say that the motor is its only selling point, but without the diesel, it becomes very hard to recommend a Passat over a Sonata, Optima, Malibu or Fusion. The effort that Volkswagen has made over the past several years to de-content and dumb down its cars is really obvious in the Passat. In the early to mid-aughts, Volkswagen was a leader in interior quality, building a sort of downmarket Audi.

    Americans vahnt crap, ve can give zem crap. Well, the Passat isn't crap. But it definitely seems like a step back or at least a non-improvement from the last generation of Passats. It's hyper generic, aside from its wonderful motor. It's not offensive, not bad; just bland. The interior material that is most memorable is this semi-hard, textured plastic that looks and feels like it's covered in some kind of oil, even thought it isn't.

    The Passat isn't without its virtues. There's plenty of room for passengers and luggage, it's just that Volkswagen bet that Americans wanted something bland -- that they wanted another Corolla. It wasn't an unfounded bet; it actually seemed smart in that cynical German way that Porsche and BMW are smart.

    But Volkswagen's timing was off because now Kia, Hyundai and the Americans are offering midsized sedans that look, feel and drive special.

    And that makes it hard to recommend the Passat -- even a Passat with that efficient, torquey and tractable TDI motor. When he graduated in , he became a reporter for Autoweek sister publication Automotive News. Car news, reviews, motorsports, auto shows and stunning photography delivered right to your mailbox. Turn on JavaScript from your settings to fully experience the site.

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    2014 Volkswagen Passat TDI Review - Test Drive

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