Ferrari 275 gtb/c speciale

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  • Ferrari GTB/C Speciale, price $m (£m at today's exchange rate) – Ferrari built just three of these cars, each with lightweight aluminium.

    Ferrari GTB/C Speciale It is one of three Ferrari GTB/C Speciales ever built and it's the only one with a racing history.

    Mauro Forghieri designed a special super-lightweight steel and The GTB/ C was equipped with bumpers visually similar to.

    The front bodywork was lowered and lengthened and the front air intake was reduced in size, which improved aerodynamic characteristics and reduced high-speed instability. Initial development of a GTB-based racing car was motivated by a specific set of circumstances around Ferrari's racing activities during Hims ED Pack Erectile dysfunction isn't on the short list of conversation starters for most guys. Ultimately, ordinary cars are engineered for comfort, fuel economy, passenger space, and cargo space. Customs, classics and absolute car chaos at SEMA

    Ferrari GTB/C Speciale by Scaglietti | Uncrate

    As unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the GTB was a road car with race-inspired engineering and the Competizione Speciale took advantage of this more than any other version. Features such as an all-independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, a five speed, all-synchromesh transaxle and an optional alloy body distinguished the from the much larger GTC built beside it and the Lusso built before it.

    After the rear engine LM was denied homologation, Ferrari had to modify the recently released GTB into a more purposeful racecar, thus bridging the diverging requirements of road and race into one dual-purpose sports car. Initially Ferrari prepared a trio of cars known as the Competizion Speciales. The first prototype was chassis and it had several new ideas such as a revamped nose, an aluminum body, rear wheel vents and a hood scoop.

    After some positive testing, Ferrari was motivated to finalize this specification with hopes of selling a series competition GTBs. Mauro Forghieri was ordered to redesign his road car into a race car which would be a true successor to the legendary GTO.

    The front of the car lends traits from the LMB including a small front intake and oversize fenders to accommodate wider wheels.

    Like the body, chassis arrangements focus on reduced weight. A smaller diameter chassis is used and, like the GTO, has a separate structure to support the roof and body.

    Furthermore much of the tubes and chassis details are drilled, the interior is completely stripped and magnesium is used for various engine and transaxle castings to reduce weight. Powering the Speciale is a modified version of the engine which is almost a six carb version of the LM unit. In , power was rated at bhp, but it has been postulated that this engine can produce much more, since the figure was advertised for homologation purposes. As a completed car, Ferrari had produced a that was too reminiscent of the GTO project.

    Even the FIA was convinced of this fact, and they refused to homologate the car as a GT condender because it was lbs lighter than the road-going GTB. This angered Enzo Ferrari and after threats of abandoning GT motor sport, a middle ground was met.

    With some reluctance, the GTB was homologated mid-season, albeit with ballast weight that put it at lbs. The highlight of the very brief racing career for these cars came at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. While the Cobras and prototype entrants took the lead from the start, the was more reliable and was in third place by the morning.

    During the very hot day, the car was overheating and leading the GT class in front of five Cobras. A quick decision was made to cut open a hole in the front of the car and, aside from hampering aerodynamics, the cooling problems were alleviated. After 24 hours, the car placed third overall and first in the GT class, marking the first racing victory for the GTB, and its first race as a GT class contender.

    1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale

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