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  • Google almost bought Tesla when it had just two weeks of cash left | Technology | The Guardian
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  • Elon Musk sought saviour in Google co-founder Larry Page when cars were full of bugs, sales dived and the factory had to be shut down.

    Such a deal would make sense on many levels, says Vivek Wadhwa.

    Tesla is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company's founder is not Ilon Mask, as many believe. Mask is one of Tesla's main sponsors and her public face. The company has an interesting principle of work - they do not hide their designs and patents. All of them are available for use and application.

    He proposed that Google buy Tesla outright--with a healthy premium, the company would have cost about $6 billion at the time--and pony up.

    Show 25 25 50 All. He also pulled staff from every department and forced them to start selling cars as the company had struggled to turn pre-orders into purchases. Musk also reached out to his friend Google co-founder Larry Page as a potential saviour of the company which by this point was in a nose dive, forced to quietly shut down its production facility and struggling to be taken seriously by high-end suppliers it relied on. Friday, September 28, - 7: Impossible - Fallout - Christopher McQuarrie.

    Tech Today: Google vs Amazon, Buying Tesla, Lattice’s Turnaround - Barron's

    Latest Joy of Tech. My closest friend at Stern is a premier scholar in machine learning from India whose father was an officer in the Indian army. In these three countries there is a moving part called corruption that can hit you like an invisible bus after years of hard work.

    The SEC found its voice and complied. Read more in the full article here. Good luck, Tesla, because Apple has shown very little appetite for massive acquisitions. Friday, September 28, - 5: Saturday, September 29, - 5: Monday, October 1, - Nobody is going to buy out Tesla.

    If Tesla manages to post even a dollar of profitability this quarter or next, no other company on the planet is going to have a chance to buy them as Tesla will no longer have any real trouble with capital markets. Saturday, September 29, - I commend Elon Musk for what he has done, but in relation to the big car companies, Tesla is not competitive. I tend to agree, considering I just read a road test of the Jaguar iPace that saw it as in many wys as good or better than the Model S all created in 4 years I fear Tesla may have already had its best days.

    Not that the evil dead are known for having a good record on such matters. Apple was running out of cash so they opened the gates and happily rolled in the iTrojan Horse. Why would anyone buy Tesla? What unique IP do they own? They are burning cash at a furious rate.

    Left to their own devices they might go bankrupt in the next year or two. Friday, September 28, - 8: Everything Jeff Bezos does is seen by Wall Street as perfect.

    Jeff Bezos would be able to convince investors it was a wonderful thing. Apple needs to stay away from Tesla because no immediate good will come of it. Saturday, September 29, - 4: Bezos has more need for Tesla that Apple. Sunday, November 4, - 9: Not many know that UPS has an entire department focused solely on developing, testing in real world and rolling out new automotive technology internally and from 3rd party IPs.

    A profitable German Auto company selling out to Americans, not going to happen, the two British companies however would out their mother. Friday, September 28, - 7: Sunday, September 30, - 1: But Zetsche is going out in so maybe the Swedish guy who takes over the seat can sell that better…. It will never happen. Among auto industry experts and leading auto engineers Tesla is a joke.

    Toyota engineers said it was garage engineering and wanted no part of it. Friday, September 28, - 6: Tesla has a current EPS of I like Tesla vehicles but I honestly believe some other auto manufacturer could do a better job at mass producing electric vehicles.

    Odds are low that Apple would acquire Tesla. Apple has put billions upon billions into Project Titan. Just makes no financial sense or directional sense. Maybe this coming year Apple announces and shows of their vehicle and months later starts shipping. Friday, September 28, - Apple would immediate triple the price of a Tesla 2.


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