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  • Lexus LC Review: A Sci-Fi Stunner for the Luxurious Long Haul - The Drive
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  • The Lexus LC features our most powerful V8 yet, captivating style, advanced connectivity, and more. Explore the Lexus LC.

    Lexus LC New | 10 Miles. $92, MSRP. $, · Lexus LC h. New. $96, MSRP. $, · Lexus LC New. $,

    The LC sports car combines exotic looks, a raucous V8 engine, sumptuous interior, and responsive steering to make one of the most.

    For the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto user out there, I'm sorry to say that neither is compatible with this Lexus' infotainment system. But if legacy Lexus buyers are calling the company to bitch about the spindle grille, I can't imagine any amount of software updates and speed increases will make them happy with this setup. Towing Before towing, confirm your vehicle and trailer are compatible, hooked up properly and you have any necessary additional equipment. Style and substance, but short on sport.

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    Welcome to Critic's Notebook , a quick and off-the-cuff car review consisting of impressions, jottings, and marginalia regarding whatever The Drive writers happen to be driving. They never make concept cars. It's right there in the name: These phantasms of the future are built to showcase ideas, to get people excited, to hint at trends and techniques to come.

    They are explicitly not built to deal with the more mundane realities of existence, things like safety standards and production abilities and actual usability. After all, it's just a dream. Take it from Toyota president Akio Toyoda himself. But your positive reaction, as well as the reaction of our customers, changed our minds. We listened, and we made it real," he said at the car's official unveiling. The Lexus LC is indeed very real, and so very, very good.

    And its unbroken lineage may only be the second most interesting thing about it, because that hero-car-in-a-science-fiction-movie exterior hides a roaring naturally-aspirated V-8 engine and rides on the company's new GA-L rear-wheel-drive platform. That's right, not only did Lexus build a ridiculously cool concept car, but it made a grand touring coupe with some of the most old-school underpinnings around.

    The sumptuous interior rivals anything from the European kings of the luxury game, while the fat, rumbling exhaust note is unlike anything that's come out of a Lexus tailpipe before— save for the LFA, of course. This must be what it means to not be boring anymore.

    It's almost unbelievable that this is from the same company often derided for its middle-management snoozemobiles. And therein lies the rub: Ultimately, the LC will be judged on whether it can help Lexus crack into the upper echelons of the luxury market. The stakes are considerably higher at that magic six-figure price point, where discerning buyers have different expectations of both the car and the brand behind it.

    In isolation, in the dreamy haze of conception, the car is a stratospheric home run. The Lexus LC may not be able to win a drag race or a timed lap against its rivals from Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, or Aston Martin, but after a week in the driver's seat, I don't think that matters.

    It's hard to ignore the writing on the wall—the BMW 6 Series coupe, one of the cars it was originally designed to dominate, ceased production just as the LC was starting to roll out of the factory at Motomachi. But with a concept car body, that jaw-dropping interior, and an eight-cylinder chorus wailing away under the hood, it's just as hard to ignore what an incredible statement Lexus has made here. That won't transform the car into a Nurburgring slayer, but there's hope on that front, too: A "company insider" recently spilled the beans about a hardcore LC F model with a twin-turbo V-8 reportedly in the works.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the planned convertible as well. Simply put, the Lexus LC is an amazing machine. It's a triumph of futurism and a testament to progress; at the same time, its throwback approach to grand touring luxury makes it one of the most surprisingly old-school vehicles on sale today. It's easy to roll your eyes at Toyota proclaiming a new era of "emotional" cars, but it only takes a moment in the LC to understand that actually means something here.

    This is a car that connects with you, that talks to you with every rev and snap-like shift. It's a precious thing these days.

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