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  • Valuing your car: Agreed value or market value, how should your car be valued?
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  • Find out how much your second-hand car is worth with Drive's free online car valuation tool. Simply enter the make, model, badge and year to get an accurate .

    It will give you a clear market value across a low to high range, helping you set an appropriate price for a car you want to buy or sell. If you're thinking, 'Value my .

    Don't buy or sell a car without first getting advice from Better Car Deals, the free car buying and selling guide from RACV, VACC and Consumer Affairs Victoria.

    Running costs The running costs are the additional amounts that must be paid in order to use a vehicle. Borrowing power calculator Budget Planner Buying and Selling costs Home loan repayment calculator Income tax calculator Home loan key facts sheet Living expenses calculator Home loan comparison calculator Savings and term deposit calculator Car loan calculator. The retail value of a car which is usually the higher value of the two is the average price a car dealer would sell it for. The valuation is then used - in conjunction with other factors - to determine the premium on your policy. Make sure there is enough room between the back seat and the anchor so that the tether strap can be adjusted properly.

    RACV advice for buying a car - new or second-hand

    On thursday my wife's car AWD Magna was written off by a 71yo turd who did an illegal turn in front of her at Figtree. It's done by an independent entity. How do they determine a payout figure?? What do they use as "market value"? I argued my last car that had market value with AAMI who offered a final figure a lot higher then the first offer. Never take the first offer. Not only did I disagree, the assessor suncorp informed me of my rights and gave me details to call to get an independent assessor.

    The company wasn't linked to Scorp. If it went less then I would have lost out. But I kept the car in good condition just happened to be low kms the assessor reflected that in the new quote. Do you know how much your car is insured for, or is this something where they tell you later, if you need to know it? My question is — we have market value insurance on the vehicle.

    Expect to get a figure somewhere near the redbook trade in price. If you get more than that, it will be a bonus. You should know that when you take out the insurance. When you insured your car you usually get the option of market value or agreed value.

    You said it is insured for market value, so thats what you will get. Never again will I have a market value policy Work out the overall price by using percentages based on the three selections, plus the red book price.

    With that comment we would think your comments were not to be based on any fact. However you have clarified with your further comments. The value is NOT determined by an independent valuer unless you specifically request this to be done, as you did corbrin. This is NOT the normal process as you alluded to in your original post, a claims assessor from the insurance company will normally provide you with the market value.

    The value is generally based on caculations netnode has stated above. Further if your car has any accessorys or modifications and the car is over 10 years old, they often do not take these into consideration when valuing the car. Don't forget to take airbags into account,firstly depending on on the age and kays the car has done they base an initial value on that. Then if the replacement of airbags for example and how many exceeds that of the initial value the car is classed as written off.

    Be careful when renewing a policy as it may have defaulted to market value even though you initially insured it for an agreed value. I have had that happen after a few years on one policy I had. Checking advertisements in the daily paper for the same vehicle in the same condition. Still similar although a lot of insurers use Glass's Guide as the primary book reference.

    Also on-line sites are used along with papers eg carsales. Of course on line now makes it a lot easier for insurers to discover if the written off car has been offered for sale recently. This is not directed to the OP in anyway, just a general observation.

    RACV uses Glass's guide — I was quoted a very low market value and wanted to know where on earth they got it from. RACV person was looking at the wrong model.

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