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  • Jun 2, Here's a step-by-step on how to flush your BMW E46 Coolant. Should work on all BMW E46 If it does not work for you please leave.

    I might add that the Bently manual notes the following- “Always use BMW coolant or its equivalent to avoid the formation of harmful, clogging deposits in the.

    DIY: Do It Yourself Post here to share or improve your wrench turning skills! All BMW E46 DIY tips, tales, and projects discussed inside. Learn to.

    DIY Radiator Flush I've been busy all afternoon doing this, then spent nearly all evening put it on a webpage Find more threads by willsbma. Find more threads by iansanderson. Turn car to IGN but do not start it , then turn on the heater to the highest temp and highest fan settings this opens the heater core valves so the core gets filled. When you drain the radiator, the coolant inside the engine block 3.

    impee's DIY Radiator Flush / Coolant Drain - BMW e46

    Approximate time for this project: Past DIYs and my impatient nature have taught me to always have at least 1 extra of each screw, bolt or clip! Some times you could simply loose one, break or even strip it! Below is the total kit I used. As you can see, there aren't many tools required for this job at all. The bottles are 5 litre each, however you only require about 2. The Radiator should be flushed every 2 years.

    I used it as I could not get the screw driver underneath the car to open the splash shield screws. For more details on lifting the car on Jack Stands, please refer to this page. This is the splash shield from underneath the car. This is to show where and how many screws and Expanding Rivets are located.

    The Expanding Rivets are the top 3 and the remaining 7 are Quick-release screws. Use the flat head screwdriver for the front Expanding Rivets and the philips head screwdriver for the Quick-release screws. Splash Shield in the process of being removed, using the flat head screwdriver for the front Expanding Rivets and the philips head screwdriver for the Quick-release screws. To remove the front 3 Expanding Rivets you need to first pry out the thin middle part all the way out, then you can pull the rest of the clip out.

    This is a photo of the middle thin part of the Expanding Rivet pulled out and then the actual Expanding Rivet, removed. Open and remove this drain plug with a similar tool or flat head screw driver and watch for the water that starts pouring out immediately. Also make sure the drain plug does not get lost. Only loosen this second smaller blue drain plug Expansion Tank drain plug turn it a couple of times round with a flat head screw driver and let the remaining water drip out. Coolant is poisonous , if any leaks on to the ground, wash it away withwater.

    The engine Block screw drain plug also needs to be removed and also the washer needs replacing to drain all the water, but I do not have any photos of that yet and will put them up next time I am under the car.

    However have a look these 2 photos that some one else has taken: Once you are under the car and looking at the engine block - it is easily recognisable. Next fit the big blue drain plug back and also the smaller blue drain plug but not too tight, as you may damage them and fill the radiator with water.

    I used tap water myself, but if you prefer, you could use distilled water. Then wait for all the water to drain out, it may take about 10 minutes. Turn the heating on full in the car as in Step 19 and pour the required ratio of water to Coolant into the Radiator. This will be written on the Coolant bottle, depending on how cold climate you live in. For the UK maximum degrees it is 1. Now turn on the engine and rev it for about 5 minutes, also turn on the car heating to full temperature.

    All these will bring out any air trapped in the pipes. This process gets rid of the trapped air. One method to tell if all the trapped air has been released, is to ensure you are getting constant hot air from your air vents inside the car.

    If it fluctuates, it means there is more to bleed. Home impee BMW Misc. Should support up to 2 Tonnes. To lift car on stands, refer to this page. Art no 2 Use only if you wish to flush the radiator. Next close and tighten the bottom blue drain plugs not too tight. Follow this procedure as many times as you like, while revving the car.

    Best Way To Drain Coolant on an E46 BMW #m54rebuild 5

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