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  • bmw coolant level warning on idrive you may get the low coolant warning light even if you.

    Coolant is a highly essential fluid, which is integral to the proper functioning of BMW. BMW has a built-in mechanism to alert its owners if there is anything wrong .

    Find out what your car's low coolant level warning light means, what might be causing it, and how to fix it.

    I had this happen, I topped it off and haven't had any problems since. Can it be DIY in a driveway with hand tools? Apply the human bandwidth to benefit people everywhere. Probably just have to add some coolant into the coolant reservoir, just up to the mark, do not over fill. Could be water pump failure.

    BMW Dash Lights | Hendrick BMW Northlake

    Looked in the service screen and the engine coolent was red. I put in some distilled water and finished driving to work. I checked the level this am cold and it was sitting on the bottom. The error was on the whole time though. I did just have the car in less than 50mi ago for an oil change. Originally Posted by farb. I'd check for leaks first.

    You might be losing coolant somewhere. Could be water pump failure. RED means high priority warning. Usually when you have a leak goes to yellow first. Unless its a big leak of course. I Hope I am wrong and its only a small leak and not anything more serious. Add coolant keep us posted. I wouldn't have thought I would have made it to work if the pump was out.

    I will check for a leak before I head home and after I get there. How much is it to replace either of those?

    Can it be DIY in a driveway with hand tools? Thanks for all the help! Also, I didn't add much water this am before the needle moved granted I drove for about 10 min first. Didn't notice temps being higher than normal around maybe, but constant. No odors, no puddles, drips in garage. I'm still suspicious of the dealership Are the turbos water cooled?

    Your water pump more than likely failed which means your car is running extremely hot and not good. Or, maybe you just need a top up lol. Our engines burn coolant and a top up once a year isn't out of the norm. If your under warranty, go to the dealer and have them worry about it. Apparently this is not a coolant warning Yeah yeah Thanks for all the help guys! Originally Posted by svg95gt. Originally Posted by Dcara. Well good result at least op, hvac issues over waterpumps any time.

    Originally Posted by Pats. I got that same symbol last week and I thought it was telling it was time to change the water coolant, and I just reset it.. While I'm glad it's not a coolant related issue, what is the light for coolant. I know the low coolant light looks like a box with water in it. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 2. Appreciate 0 Tweet Quote. Find More Posts by svg95gt.

    E92 xi Join Date: Find More Posts by farb. Originally Posted by farb is your rad fan at full blast too? Find More Posts by philtdi.

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    Originally Posted by svg95gt Apparently this is not a coolant warning Find More Posts by Dcara. Originally Posted by Dcara So what does it mean?

    BMW Hidden menu - Water temperature - E90 E91 E92 E93

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