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  • View all new BMW models Select a BMW model to view in-depth pricing information, read reviews, browse local BMW 3 Series Prices.

    Find your own BMW and discover all the available models and versions. Compare cars, check out prices and use car configurator.

    Discover the luxury car of your dreams. Explore BMW Sedans, SAVs, Convertibles, Coupes, and Wagons – and learn why a BMW is right for you. Book a test.

    And more than 40 years later, it's still the benchmark of the segment it invented. Fees and taxes are imposed by state and local governments and government agencies, such as the DMV, and they include the cost of registration, title fees, and state sales taxes. Filter BMW Center results by. Sleek, aggressive design matched with thrilling power makes each 4 Series model stand out in its own beguiling way.

    BMW Models – All BMW Vehicle Lineup – BMW USA

    New BMWs are pretty expensive. For that amount of money all you get is a 2. That's less than you get from a 2. If you're buying a BMW, you should buy one that isn't comparable to an economy car. On the used market, you don't have to. Here are five awesome M cars that cost less than the cheapest new BMW. What's better than a horsepower four-cylinder? How about a horsepower V Amazingly, you can now buy a Vpowered E63 M6 for less than a new 3 Series. The E63 and E64 M6 were built from The astonishing V10 engine wasn't very efficient, but it did have one of the best exhaust sounds of any BMW ever made.

    The manual will be a bit more difficult to find. Owning an older M car will not be as "problem free" as a new car, and this M6 is no exception. If you're willing to risk it, you will be getting an amazingly sophisticated M car for less than a basic 3 Series. Why spend six-figures on a new M5 or M6 when you can get one of the greatest driving sports sedans of all time for about one fourth of the price? The E39 M5 was only in production from The new car comes loaded with bells and whistles while the E39's navigation screen will make you glad that it's not anymore.

    If you want a straight-six M car, we suggest getting a Z4 M Coupe. We have done an entire piece about the M Coupe, but that does not change how much we love this little car. The S54 is a wonder of an engine with horsepower in the M3 and in the Z4.

    The newer turbocharged engines may be quicker, but they lack the sweet sound and ability to rev as high as the old S M Coupes and E46 M3s are rising in value, unlike a i which will lose value the second you drive it off the lot. The next car on our list also came with an S54 engine. The coupe with this engine will cost far more. The S54 car is definitely quicker, but the horsepower in the S52 has 60 more horses than the base i.

    If you're looking for something that will go up in value, the coupe is far more desirable right now. If you absolutely have to have the S54 car, look for any Z3 M built in and , but only of those made it to the US. Be prepared for a lengthy and expensive search. It will be worth it for this future collectible. If your goal is to spend less than the cost of a brand new i it's hard to beat the E90 M3.

    Why buy a slow, horsepower 3 Series when for the same price you can get one with a horsepower V8? You may even find a few and models. If you want one with iDrive navigation, try to buy a model or newer because it has a nicer version of the system. These M3s are great whether you get the DCT or the manual and are actually pretty reliable. You will pay a lot more money for gas, but it's worth it to hear that V8 scream at over 8, rpm. Why would anyone buy a i?

    Why get a new BMW when these M cars are so cheap? You Might Also Like. Here Are 7 Cheaper Alternatives. Supple and compliant on the road; a monster on the track. And we thought the F90 M5 was already a track monster.

    A BMW at Rs. 22 lakh

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