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  • Why Are There So Many Mustang Memes Going Around?
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  • Here's why you've seen a spike in Mustang memes floating around the A rash of Mustangs crashing at local car meets in the United States.

    Whether it's the near-countless amount of crashes after leaving meets Here are some of the best memes and videos I've come across.

    Mustang crash memes just might the funniest thing on the internet. Since so many videos have emerged of Mustangs crashing, Mustang memes have become.

    Post title must be a current, unbiased, and coherent question The title is the most important aspect to creating a post. I wanted a Mustang because Mustang. I just know it was essentially the same thing I drive. Yeah my phone keyboard is not good. Also got it dirt cheap:

    Mustang crash meme - People of Craigslist

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    Meta threads about OOTL itself should be asked via sending us a message in modmail. Otherwise meta threads may be removed. Answered Where do the Mustangs hitting people jokes come from? Where do the Mustangs hitting people jokes come from? Whenever I see a post about Mustang cars being bad or something similar there is always a joke about how many people Mustang drivers run over.

    Where did this come from? Mustangs are entry-level sports cars, so the people who drive them are often not as good at racecar stuff as they think they are. There are tons of YouTube videos of mustang drivers making dumb mistakes and destroying their cars or injuring people. Oh dude I've been avoiding Mustangs in racing games due to a perceived lack of rear wheel grip that doesn't exist.

    At least not to the extent I would imagine. The older Mustangs still had a live axle rear end which did not help. But the newer models have good handling and a much needed updated rear end. I own a '15, the first year with the new independent rear suspension which you are referring to It's still very easy to lose control if you are being stupid and don't have the skill to handle it. The 15 was the first year with independent suspension and made the cars handle better than the live rear axles they had previous.

    The stallion in gta is an exaggerated examolenof the joke which is an exaggeration already So skip that one lol but forza and whatnot should be good. I'm not commenting to be a dick; I genuinely had no idea what you meant until I started typing it.

    Yeah my phone keyboard is not good. I miss my droid turbo. I wish o could have flagship hardware on the same exact software as the turbo. I played the fuck out of every single GTA. That must've only entrenched my opinion on something I haven't even experienced first hand. Man it just occurred to me that I can go on Youtube and watch countless hours of idiots wrecking their expensive Hot Wheels toys while trying to impress people.

    This is gonna be great. It probably helps to point out that there's a lot of footage of Mustangs leaving car meets very aggressively and running people over. I know you're just answering the OP, but strange. I'm not sure the amount of money you can afford to pay has any bearing on your driving ability - I'd say the majority of people in really expensive sports cars don't know how to drive them either. Entry level sports car means it takes less money and someone younger with less developed frontal lobes can get their hands on it.

    And I absolutely drove like a moron for the first couple months. It is what it is. It was my first car that would take off fast, go fast when you needed, and was also beefy and stuck to the road. I got it out of my system and now really enjoy the clunkiness of it. MR2 owner here, can confirm. Will not drive on series highways with my lid off. Also got it dirt cheap: Performance package for 3. There are still better entry level cars. Pre , get a STi.

    Better than most mustangs up till like Before I bought my civic I was dead-set on a mustang purely because mustang. People buy mustangs because of the name. I wanted a Mustang because Mustang. The styling, the 5. It was about being a great entry level I proved there are better entry leveps and now its just about the name.


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