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  • The #1 resource for Ford & quarter mile times offering a comprehensive index of Ford specs Ford C-Max Zetec Powershift Compare Car.

    Jun 17, Track Tested: Ford Taurus SHO vs. We also took into consideration that our Taurus didn't have the with 1-ft Rollout (sec):

    FACT! Throughout its history, the logo of the company has changed 8 times, but the name Ford has never disappeared from the emblem.

    Apr 29, Hennessey-tuned Ford Taurus SHO This sees the car's mph time drop to an impressive seconds while its quarter mile elapsed.

    Hi, So i bought my SHO last thursday. Take Us With You! No, create an account now. SHOdded , Jun 28,

    If you wish to help keep SHOforum running, please click the donation button below. Log in or Sign up. Jun 25, Messages: Hi, So i bought my SHO last thursday. I tested the times yesterday and again today. Yesterday i managed a best of 5. Today, from a 2mph roll stop i managed a time of 6. What could be causing me to have such lousy times? I do know the stock MAP is supposedly limited to I have virtually no wheelspin unless i brake boost.

    I am lbs, but considering thats only about over the average driver, i shouldnt be able to pull a second off the times. I havent seen any thing saying that i should be running The trans is a little wonky in higher gears, but its fine 1st -2nd. Sorry for the long rambling post, but im really disappointed, I bypassed the chance to buy a i that i know was clicking to 60 in 5. I plan to mod, but i dont want to start off just trying to match stock.

    Dec 25, Messages: Only note I will make is that if you are getting the boost levels you say you are, then the car most likely has a tune loaded. In which case it could be any level of tune, as there were a multitude for the , from mild to wild.

    Stock would be closer to psi. Check to see if the MAP sensor on top of the intake manifold is 3 bar or not. If it IS 3 bar, you likely need to run 93 all the time. SHOdded , Jun 27, How do I tell if it's a 3bar vs stock? Mar 27, Messages: If you are basing your times off torque or a similar app, the times are likely to be way off. Mine was reading in the low 6's, but when I put a camera on my speedometer to record, then stopwatched it while watching video, it was a great deal lower.

    Probably a second or more difference between the app and real world time. I'm basing the on stop watch times, I haven't video tested but I usually get within. That's supposed to be 0. SHOdded , Jun 28, May 6, Messages: You need to only run 93 ever. Brake boost it to around 2k. That's a heck of a lot of boost for stock. If it is tuned for 93 running 87 is gonna do bad things for you.

    I would baby it until all the 87 is gone and pit put a couple gallons of 93 in and run that out with easy driving. Dec 20, Messages: Long Island Home Page: Even stock, the 3. It was so much slower I never again did that. No power-braking, no nothing, just sport mode on the tranny lever. My thought at that point is to pull the battery cable, to let the computer reset from any low octane tables that's how my GTP grand prix used to work I emailed LiverNois asking if they could use my VIN to see If they've ever written a tune for it.

    The only thin I don't get, if it IS tuned, when I had mostly 93 in the tank it was still pulling 6 seconds to 60, With a tune, shouldn't it at least be high 4s very low 5s?

    I didn't want to suggest contacting LME as not sure on their privacy policy, but hopefully they can verify. As far as performance, can you vouch for the maintenance of a used car? That's where doing the mainenance is so important so you kinda get a summary of the car's history.

    Until then, it is speculation, informed speculation maybe but speculation nonetheless Jan 15, Messages: With a tune, you should be in the low 4s or high 3s. As others have said, use 93 octane exclusively.

    2011 Ford Taurus 0-60

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