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    My Fusion SE has miles on it. It is the 4cyl. model with a 6 speed manual transmission. I have had the oil changed every

    FACT! Throughout its history, the logo of the company has changed 8 times, but the name Ford has never disappeared from the emblem.

    MOTORCRAFT XO5W20QSP Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil - Quart Info One of our most popular parts. Replaced by XO-5WQ1SP; Oil Refill - qts.

    Other times the oil analysis may not agree with service receipts from the corner luber. Change your oil at the prescribed maintenance intervals. Remove Dipstick Locate, remove and wipe oil dipstick. Cars burn, leak and otherwise dispense of their oil. Posted April 9,

    What type oil for Fusion ?? - General Powertrain Discussion - Ford Fusion Forum

    By seneca , September 16, in General Powertrain Discussion. The manual as well as posts on this forum imply that the oil for the is synthetic US. You may also consider a 5W20 full synthetic Motorcraft has one or a 0W20 full synthetic. Leave the factory fill oil in for 2, to 3, miles at least to permit the rings to seat and avoid glazing the cylinder walls.. D And just to add to Grey's good advice: The Owner Manual states that the factory fill is a "synthetic blend".

    It does not state that it is "synthetic" or full synthetic. There are conventional oils, synthetic blends and synthetic oils. Easiest explanation is that a synthetic blend is a mix of conventional and synthetic oils. Bottom line is that you can use any oil that meets the Ford Specifications listed in the Owners Manual, be it conventional, synthetic blend or full synthetic. There is a chart listing the exact specifications. For what it is worth, I use the Motorcraft 5W Synthetic Blend, the same oil that Ford puts in the engine at the factory and recommends for oil changes.

    I can't say for sure now, but the engine assembly plants had a unique specification for factory fill oil for years. BTW, both the factory fill and Motorcraft service oils have unique tracers in them which permit Ford to determine if their oils are being used in any particular engine, should the need arise unfortunately the need does arise.

    Pretty easy to demonstrate lack of maintenance when a vehicle with 20, miles still has factory fill oil and the OE filter still on the engine. Other times the oil analysis may not agree with service receipts from the corner luber.

    Motorcraft 5W is a synth blend and is factory-recommended. It's also a very good oil, especially for the price at Wally World. D Odds are it does.

    Contrary to what anyone else may state, if the oil you use does not specifically state that it "meets or exceeds" the WSS-M2CA specification, you will jeopardize your Warranty rights if you have an engine problem which can even remotely be connected to an oil issue.

    That, according to the spec and the owners manual which I include below will meet warranty requirements. My dealer uses both Motorcraft 5W20 conventional and synthetic blend. When mine is off warranty, I'm also going to use Amsoil. I've been using it for years and have had great success. My old 97 Honda Civic that my daughter now drives has K on it. My Tacoma 4 cylinder just turned K without a hitch.

    Both don't use oil and still get great mileage. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Welcome Welcome to the Ford Fusion Forum. What type oil for Fusion?? Posted September 16, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Change your oil at the prescribed maintenance intervals. Posted September 17, Mobil 1 5W here. Posted October 8, Posted March 6, Posted March 6, edited. An interprwetation of the Ford spec in its simplistic terms is this: An oil with this trademark symbol conforms to the current engine and emission system protection standards and fuel economy requirements of the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee ILSAC , comprised of U.

    Refer to Maintenance product specifications and capacities later in this chapter for more information. Do not use supplemental engine oil additives, cleaners or other engine treatments.

    How to change the oil on a 2010 Ford Fusion - FANTACO.STORE

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