2006 honda odyssey transmission fluid change

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  • How to Change the Transmission Fluid in a Honda Odyssey: 11 Steps
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  • To avoid a serious problem, some mechanics have suggested it may be advisable to change the transmission fluid in a Honda Odyssey or Honda Odyssey.

    Hey All, Reading through the manual to change the ATF, it states that the engine must be warm, drain it, refill and drive for a short distance, drain.

    Honda is a young Japanese auto-building company, it was founded in 1948. Now the concern, besides cars, also builds motorcycles, planes and is engaged in robotics. Many experts consider Honda cars to be one of the most reliable.

    just curious what is recommended with a transmission fluid replacement. Our has 36K miles on it and is showing A13 (where the 3 is a transmission.

    Wait for several minutes as the fluid drains from the transmission. The Transmission in this Gen Odyssey does not use a "serviceable filter" , to my knowledge yes there is an internal filter that has metal screen and has a very high tolerance to plugging, usually only serviced during a rebuild Al. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. The time now is


    Welcome Guest, is this your First Visit? Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum: Results 1 to 9 of 9. Our has 36K miles on it and is showing A13 where the 3 is a transmission fluid change. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Dealers do it without driving by spinning on the rack many times as many as three complete stop and go cycles up to and including over 50 mph. But they ONLY introduce enough fluid to fill and then must drain repetitively.

    I frankly do not like spinning the CVC joints with the tires dangling as it is at an extreme angle seldom encountered while driving unless turned to the max. And then you seldom drive fast. Check the condition of your fluid now and note the color and smell. I'm not an expert on this but one theory is that the flush pushes too much debri around the inside of the transmission.

    On Volvos the common thing to do was take off the atf line to the cooler easy to do and attach a clear hose. Start the car until you see bubbles, stop, fill repeat until the atf runs clear. My tranny died at like 70k. From now on I prefer to just drain and fill. Drive the car for a few thousand miles and redo it.

    Even do it when you change the oil. Unless you are towing or otherwise loading the van to the max often, a normal drain and fill is fine. Our crazy tight suggested intervals have more to do with the marginal transmissions of the previous generation. The trans in your 07 is supposed to be better. Whether you do a flush by repeated changes at the same time or over several months, it's still about dilution.

    Use and fluid condition is what dictates. If I remember right, the correct amount is 3. Do NOT do any kind of power flush. Yes, some others may be compatible, but this way you don't have to worry about anything that might void your warranty. The fluid comes out very fast when draining and likes to splash the undercarriage. I make a funnel by cutting off the bottom of a gallon milk jug at an angle and use it to direct the fluid into my drain pan.

    The drain bolt uses a crush washer available for cheap at the dealer. The fill bolt is very hard to get at. It is much easier to insert a turkey baster into the dip-stick tube, then a funnel into the turkey baster.

    Fill slowly or you will spill at the junction between the baster and funnel. The Honda service manual I have does not say anything about doing this multiple times to ensure a complete change - just once.

    That being said, there is no possible way you can hurt anything by doing it. Too cheap and easy for me not to. Last edited by Pezman1; at I just did the technique where you disconnect the line exiting the cooler. It is pretty accessible once you remove the plastic panels on the underside of the car. You want to drain and fill the pan first, so you start off with as much fresh as possible. To remove the clamp clip, you need a wide set of pliers. I had a set of lineman's pliers that were barely wide enough to grab all the tabs.

    There is the question, which line do I disconnect. There are two lines from the transmission to the cooler. The one you want is line leaving the cooler, which is the outboard one closer to the driver's side. I disconnected the point where the hose is clamped to the tubing along the cooler in the left front corner. To "flush" the transmission, I let the engine run for a about 6 seconds to push out a quart, then refilled a quart. I felt like the risk of dislodging something was low, given that it used only the internal pressure of the transmission pump.

    2006 Honda Odyssey transmission filter replacement

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