Why are porsche 944 so cheap

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  • Say you're looking for a classic, cheap rear-wheel-drive sports car for cruising in the countryside over the So go out and get a Porsche

    Cost a packet back in the day of course, but they've got to be cheap for a reason, no? Come over to the Porsche Club GB forum.

    About logo. The Porsche logo is a coat of arms that shows: a riding horse and a deer antler, framed by red stripes. The emblem is dedicated to the home city of the concern - Studgart. Strips and horns are symbols of the city, and the stallion is depicted in connection with the fact that originally in place of the city, in the year 950 there was a horse farm, around which a whole city was gradually built.

    I mean, shit, it is a porsche, and yes I can get a strong from late 's So I am here, asking Ars as a Porsche wanna-be enthusiest, why should . Believe it or not, on the average it is actually cheaper to own a classic.

    The s are sweet looking machines, IMHO. Come over to the Porsche Club GB forum http: Plus, as with any old German car, they become infinitely cheaper to maintain if you do your own labor and research issues to ensure you find a clean example before purchasing. And the reason why they many not have had that care is the second

    Why is the Porsche from the mid's going for so cheap? : cars

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    Featured User Vehicle Submissions Thread. Follow the self-promotion rules. Please read the wiki first. Moderators must follow the Moderator Code of Conduct. For information on content removal, user warnings, and bans, please see the Chain of Action page. Forget the trunk monkey, check out trash pandas. GM Designer Brian Baker. Why is the Porsche from the mid's going for so cheap?

    Do these have tons of problems? It's just I see other models fetching a lot more, what makes this model so cheap? These were dissed by many enthusiasts for so long that folks who did own them didn't maintain them or couldn't afford to maintain them. Lots of basket cases. The ones I've seen always seem to be pretty poorly maintained which warrants the low price.

    Sounds like they should be steered clear of. We have older italian cars and I've written service for British cars. That appears to apply across all brands. They are great cars and very fun to drive if you can find a solid example. At that point you might be spending a good chunk of change more than what you'd want on an old 80s Porsche that is pretty slow unless you get the turbo model which is a lot more expensive.

    The non turbo ones are still a blast to drive. Dog shit slow, but they handle like they are on rails. I'd say the biggest problem is perception.

    They are perceived as bad Porsches, not "true" Porsches like the , so they fetch a lower price that way. Then they are also perceived as Porsches, which are always hellaciously expensive to maintain, so that scares off other people. The other problem is they aren't easy to mod, so they lose the interest of the drift crowd pretty quickly. I've had a for almost a year and a half now, and I can't say it's been the cheapest thing, but it hasn't been the burden people assume it is.

    It's been a fun project car, and the amount of online resources to help you work on it yourself is amazing. It's a good project car, and very fun to drive, if you know what you're getting into. That's what a lot of people are saying in this thread. I like that you commented first with the term "electrical gremlins" and everyone seems to be following suit using that term lol.

    Oh yeah, I know it's a legit term. I just found it funny that 4 other posts use that term and I'm thinking it's because you used it first. They're viewed as an unreliable car when in fact they're not at all. And to the "electrical gremlins" thing I've heard a lot about the timing belt.

    Has to be replaced pretty often according to others. Thanks for the response. I'll keep in mind that if I want a , I should get a restored one with hopefully a maintenance history. I bought one last summer that had a pistons-up engine rebuild the year before. Thing is an absolute blast to drive. I'd be keeping it for the long term if I didn't have my heart set on a certain Alfa.

    Here's Why this 1983 Porsche 944 Makes a Great First Car to Work On

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