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  • Discover the world of Lamborghini's concept cars: all the futuristic and exclusive models, designed by the Lamborghini team with technological innovations.

    Most twin-seaters like the Caterham Rs and Ultimas GTRs of this world tend to look a bit, well, nerdy. Not the Lamborghini Concept S. This 5.

    Lamborghini intended to build extreme Gallardo speedsters, but ended up making one. Now it's for sale and you must make sure to bring.

    The concept car concept is translated as "the idea of a car". This is a kind of prototype car, which tests people's reactions to new technologies being introduced, design solutions, etc. In its original form, prototypes are never launched into mass production.

    It took a while to be competitive, only being consistently at the top during the season. Crafted to offer a look at the future of series-production Lamborghini models. Views View Edit History. A rear-view camera was standard on the Gallardo SE, as was the multimedia and navigation system, sports suspension and an exclusive cover.

    Lamborghini Gallardo - Wikipedia

    After all, long before the Aventador and Huracan were household names, they were mere concepts. Years on, they carry the banner for the Lamborghini Automobili nameplate, and show no signs of stopping. Two models shown here, the Asterion and Estoque, might just be the next future legends to emerge from the Lamborghini drawing board. Each exemplifies the most basic tenets of the Lamborghini brand -- superb performance, esoteric design, trendsetting innovation -- yet takes drivers to a destination that no current production model can.

    We look forward to seeing models such as the Asterion and Estoque in the Prestige Imports showroom in the years to come, and anticipate even further advancements from as-yet-unnamed Lamborghini concept models on the road ahead. So what will these engaging concepts have in store for South Florida drivers if and when they arrive on our roads?

    Starting with the Asterion concept, this represents a new horizon for Lamborghini performance: In addition to offering the PHEV option, drivers will also have the option of employing all-electric power during urban driving situations. From a design standpoint, meanwhile, the Asterion eschews some of the more rigid surfaces of its siblings, and instead exhibits curvaceous, free-flowing lines, with forged carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium highlights.

    The Estoque is the first-ever four-door super sports car from Lamborghini, designed to present buyers with high performance and drivability in a single car. Its long wheelbase, wide track and oversize wheels represent a bold step forward for Lamborghini, and will certainly appeal to an entirely new subset of supercar enthusiast. Would you like to know more about the future models to emerge from Lamborghini?

    Getting to Know the Lamborghini Asterion and Estoque So what will these engaging concepts have in store for South Florida drivers if and when they arrive on our roads? Read More About Lamborghini. Crafted to offer a look at the future of series-production Lamborghini models.

    Employs unique, curvaceous design. Four-door super sports car. Unveiled at the most prestigious international Motor Shows. Demonstrates use of special materials such as aluminum, forged carbon fiber and titanium. Exhibit the highest limits of technology and design.

    Pushes Lamborghini innovation forward by way of Plug-in Hybrid technology. Both a top-class super sports car and a highly practical GT. More Lamborghini concept models expected soon. Drivers may opt for all-electric power in urban conditions. Employs a long wheelbase, wide track and oversize wheels.

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