2010 hyundai genesis coupe 2.0t premium

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    Read this editor's review of the - Hyundai Genesis Coupe T Premium Review.

    Fact about hyundai! The Hyundai logo is not just the letter "H" in the aval. It would be too easy. This emblem symbolizes the handshake of two people - a representative of the concern and a satisfied customer. In addition, in Korean, the word "hyundai" is translated as "modern".

    Hyundai will initially offer the curvaceous Hyundai Genesis Coupe in six different trims, which Autoblog lists as "T, T Premium, T.

    I wonder if people want those anymore. Well, say hello to the Genesis Coupe 2. Close window Add to Listings. Camaro has that massive belt line that makes me crazy, on top of the weight issues.

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe T Premium Review Editor's Review | Car News | Auto

    The Genesis Coupe has all the right bits: In this case, the sedan arrived first and so got dibs. Like the Genesis sedan, the Genesis Coupe has an attractive but derivative exterior.

    Where the sedan cribs from Lexus which in turn cribbed from the Germans , the coupe cribs from Infiniti. In both cases, the Hyundai has a premium appearance and is arguably more attractive than the cars that inspired it. According to one Hyundai employee, this novel detail was added to counter criticism that the company was simply borrowing from the designs of more established competitors.

    Inside, the Genesis Coupe is, if anything, overly conventional, with none of the bizarre details that afflict many recent car interiors. More upscale detailing would also be welcome.

    A very welcome but increasingly rare feature: All is not perfect on the seating front, though. Despite the shared name, the Genesis Coupe is aimed at a much lower price point than the Genesis Sedan, and this translates to a much shorter features list.

    The steering wheel only tilts—it does not telescope—and this adjustment is manual. The seat heaters are simply on-off, without multiple levels.

    No power adjustments are available for the passenger seat. Only the driver gets a lumbar adjustment, and it is again manual.

    Finally, no surprise given the limited number of power adjustments, no memory is available to store your settings. Back seats in inch-long coupes tend to be short on space, and this one is no exception. Passengers over five-foot-six will have to scunch down to avoid hitting their heads on the hatch glass. Knee room is similarly scarce. The rear seat does fold in a single piece to expand a trunk that, at ten cubic feet, is already among the largest in the segment.

    The Genesis Coupe is available with two engines, a horsepower 2. Since the latter has been reviewed here already, by Capt. The not so good: Unlike with some turbo fours, this one has little punch at lower rpm, and is only adequate in the midrange. Luckily the aftermarket loves to offer power enhancements for turbo fours. A few times it took an extra moment to find the desired gear. The clutch requires a moderate amount of effort, and engages a little too abruptly just above the floor.

    In terms of agility and feedback, the Genesis coupe is no sports car. But the same is true of every competitor save the Mazda RX Considered as a grand tourer, the Genesis coupe handles well. The steering, neither too light nor too heavy, firms up naturally as the wheel is turned. Supposedly the only difference is that the turbo four has about fewer pounds over the front wheels.

    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T - POV test drive

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